Advanced Skin Care

Proper post-procedure skin care is critical to ensure that you obtain the most optimal and longest-lasting results after treatments such as laser skin resurfacing, microdermabrasion, dermal fillers and chemical peels.

At Chrysalis Rejuvenation Clinic, we will consult with you and recommend the optimal post-procedure skin care products for your needs. We offer the following brands of advanced skin care, some of which may also be used as stand-alone treatments for many cosmetic concerns:

  • Di Morelli Skin Care – science based, simple to use, these products complement natural lifestyle with natural components. Developed by Canadian physician Dr R Morrell, result oriented – evidence based medicine for all skin types.

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  • Vivier – Founded in 1997, Vivier Skincare is backed by strong science, innovative ingredients and thorough testing to deliver exceptional results. Using Vivier skin care is an essential part of most of our treatment plans for skin correction, maintenance and preventing signs of aging.

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  • ZO Skin health – Under the Guidance of Dr. Obagi, ZO has developed a wide spectrum of therapeutic products, daily skincare solutions and treatment protocols that create and maintain healthy skin. For more than 35 years, Dr. Zein Obagi, Board-Certified Dermatologist has pioneered advanced skincare solutions based on his philosophy of creating healthy skin as opposed to merely treating disease and damage.

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Please contact us for a consultation and to purchase these products.