The modalities used for treating scars can vary in mechanism and depth, but the principle remains the same. By creating controlled injury to the skin with energy-based technology we can stimulate a healing response from the body – creating new tissue and collagen formation.

Smartxide C02 – a Fractional, ablative treatment that targets single skin cells using microscopic lasers smaller than the width of a hair. The laser can help reduce old, damaged skin cells and penetrate the deepest layers of the skin to encourage a healing response from the body.  produce fresh new skin cells and collagen – reducing the appearance of an indented scar.

Fractional C02 treatment can also provide a full-body solution for aging skin with minimal downtime or side effects.

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Secret RF™ A superior solution designed not only to decrease wrinkles and improve skin complexion, but also reduce skin irregularities including active acne and acne scars!

Secret RF™ is uses micro-needles to deliver radio frequency current into the different layers of the skin. This procedure stimulates an immune response that causes new tissue to form, producing collagen and elastin and leaving the skin smooth.

VBeam Perfecta (Pulsed – Dye Laser) – VBeam Perfecta is a laser that targets the oxyhemoglobin in the blood (what makes it red) making it the perfect treatment for redness in scars and post- inflammatory hyperpigmentation caused by acne. V Beam is often combined with the above mentioned technologies to treat uneven or irregular texture as well as discolouration.

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