Acne & Lesions

Acne is caused by a blockage in the natural flow of sebum (a naturally occurring skin oil) is disrupted. It begins with a plug in the opening of a hair follicle, creating a backup of sebum and subsequent bacteria growth. In persistent cases of acne, cysts and scarring can occur.

Acne particularly affects individuals during periods of hormonal change, including puberty and menopause. Fortunately, acne can be treated using a variety of methods. At Chrysalis Rejuvenation Clinic, we treat acne and acne scarring using these technologies and procedures:

  • Advanced skin care products – often used to treat mild acne or to be the first step in treating moderate to severe cases of acne.
  • BLU-U – Acne treatment is a light based therapy for mild to moderate acne. It is a unique blue light that kills the p. acnes bacteria in your skin. Blu-u light treatments are gentle and typically very well tolerated by patients.
  • Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) – with the use of a photosensitizing product – LEVULAN + BlU-U or other light based technology can help to reduce/ partially reduce papule pustular acne.
  • Fractora RF – not only a device for skin tightening, Fractora can help to eradicate acne and acne scarring at the same time. The combination of micro pins and radio frequency goes deep into the skin to clear up any acne lesions.
  • V Beam Pulsed Dye Laser – V Beam helps to reduce excess redness as well as calm down inflammatory lesions.
  • SmartXide DOT™ C02 Laser Therapy – through advanced exfoliation, we can treat whiteheads and blackheads before they become cysts.
  • Fraxel Laser Resurfacing – this technology has revolutionized the treatment of scarring and we are experts in using this laser therapy to reduce scarring left by acne.
  • Chemical Peels – peels “resurface” the skin through advanced exfoliation, refreshing skin cells and minimizing acne scarring.

We welcome you to contact us for a consultation about your specific cosmetic acne concerns.